Autonomous Boat Specsifications

Autonomous Survey Boat Specifications TC40

  • Dimensions

    1637mm × 711mm × 372mm

  • Weight

    20 kg

  • Material

    High strength fiber reinforced plastic

  • Power Supply

    14.8V, 21 Ah high power Li-polymer battery

  • Data Transmission

    RF point-to-point, range: 10 km

  • Video Transmission

    WIFI/4G, range: 5 km

  • Top Speed

    4 m/s

  • Endurance

    2 Hours at 2 meters per second

Introduction TC40 Underwater Exploration Unmanned Surface Vehicle is a platform of autonomous hidden sewer pipe detecting vessel as sharp weapons of environmental supervision, reacting promptly to water pollution accident emergency by tracking pollution source and detecting hidden sewer pipes by locating the pipes precisely by GPS , a real guardian of human lives. Features: 1) .   TC40 is made of high strength fiber reinforced plastic material adopting catamaran hull design for stably sailing, which only weighs 20kg making it easy to carry and operate. 2).  TC40 USV compatible with RTK and side scan sonar can be able to quickly detect and find the hidden sewer pipes buried at the bottom of rivers or lakes by profiling images of sub-bottom & river banks and locating the pipes precisely by GPS

  • Autonomous Survey Boat

  • SL 20

  • Hull Material

    Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass
    Hull Length

  • 105cm

  • Hull Width


  • Hull Height


  • Weight


  • Draft


  • Payload


  • Drive


  • Steering


  • Max speed    


  • Endurance    


  • Communication Range


  • Instruments ADCP , Sonar, Algae Detection Sensor , Water Qaulity Real time Readingst

 Autonomous Survey Boat , Moon Pool Design
Hydrographic surveying CL20 carrying mainstream brands ADCP stands out from unmanned remote control boats in water discharge measurement and hydrographic survey attributing to its extreme shallow draft, convenient laying and delivery, conducting survey and measurement in water area where traditional surveying and measuring method are impossible to proceed.
Using CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat surveying &measuring unmanned robotic boat can reduce blind spot largely during working , improve working efficiency , accuracy and enlarge coverage area as well as avoiding safety risk of operation on water so as to reduce working difficulty.
CL20 is specially designed for surveying and bathymetric measurement, optimized unmanned ship style reducing the impact of water current of voyage and noise on the measuring instruments to the maximum extent.
CL20 is made of Carbon fiber and fiber glass featured by its anti-corrosion, anti-wave, low temperature resistance, mounted with two propellers to avoid aquatic plants and garbage twining.

Autonomous Survey Boat

Specification ESM30

  • Dimensions    


  • Weight    


  • Endurance    

    3.5 Hours

  • Sampling Depth


  • Sampling Capacity

    7.2L (1.8Lx4)

  • Compatible Probes


  • Suport Parameters


  • Material    

    Fiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber

  • Base station data communication range


  • Video communication range


  • Remote controller range    


  • Payload


  • Max speed    


  • Hull design    


  • Draft    


Introduction ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat featured by its standardized water sampling, salt lake sampling,evaporation pond sampling and on-line water quality mobile monitoring is the first unit of environmental unmanned surface vessel in the world

M40A Autonomous Survey Boat is medium size platform specified for hydrographic survey in coastal and ocean. With modular catamaran design and flexible payload for instruments such as multibeam sonar, Autonomous survey boat MA40 was developed to provide high performance survey with multi beam sonar and different kinds of hydrographic and monitoring instruments in ocean.

The dimension for M40A unmanned surface vehicle is 3.3*1.9*2.2m, weighing 450kg with 60kgs payload capability, made of Aluminum and carbon fiber materials suitable for high salinity seawater, and anti-corrosive .


Catamaran hull design greatly enhance sailing stability, enabling top survey speed reach 4m/s, endurance reach 6 hours.

In addition, the USV has excellent cruise ability with autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance functions to make it suitable for large-scale inshore mapping; its 60KG payload capability allows it to carry single beam, multi beam, forward looking sonar,  ADCP, water quality probe, allowing it to be multi- purposed unmanned ship for oceanographic survey in deep ocean.

A portable base station is necessary in order to simplify the operation of this vehicle. It is able to receive various telemetric data of USV; the mapping equipment through wireless communication system allows operator to learn the status of mission completion, the attitude of the unmanned vessel. Its compact and lightweight hull allows only one operator to handle all the operation by using the designed base station.

The base station plays an important roles in mission planning, procedure programming, monitoring the real-time working status, receiving real- time data transmission with 2km data telemetry, 2km video transmission and5km navigation control as well as monitoring measurement data and mission completion of USV, receiving real-time multi-angel video, data storage and management.

In addition to the main base station, necessary accessories also include handled terminal controller used to operate the unmanned boat manually in short distance covered within 2km communication range which is portable and easy to change between auto and manual mode.

Autonomous Survey Boat introduction SURF20 ADCP Monohull Remote Measurement Boat is designed for water discharge measurement and hydrographic survey

The research and development of Unmanned Survey Vessels, compatible with different brands ADCP and s. The Remote Measurement Boat size is 1.25*0.46*0.3m and only 13kg weight which makes it maneuverable, compact, and could easily be operated by just one person and carried on the back of a SUV or a trunk. The maximum speed can reach 5.5m/s covered within 2km communication control range, so that the boat is suitable for most water current environment. SURF 20 on which various brands ADCP available on market.



Data transferRF point to point, range: 5km

Support equipmentRTK & Single-beam Sonar

MaterialFiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber

Hull designTrimaran

Net weight33kg



Max speed5m/s


Remote controller range2km

Autonmous Survey VesselIntroduction ME40 Autonomous Hydrology Measurement Boat is revolutionary force created by Oceanalpha in hydrologic investigation field, mainly applied to reservoir storage ,dredge monitoring ,bathymetry hydrology survey and tailing dam and pond survey, featured by its extreme shallow draft , available for exploration on offshore coast, shoals and reefs enlarging explorable area. ME40 is a platform of autopilot vessel controlled by auto and manual mode switches and a new concept of hydrographic survey integrated with RTK & single-beam sonar offering accurate information by inertial navigation system, generating visible data diagram, correct survey data in real-time, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. ME40—Hydrology measurement boat adopting trimaran hull design to ensure stably sailing with function of intelligent obstacle avoidance to avoid collision is made of fiberglass composite with Kevlar & carbon fiber

Catamaran Hull Design ME120 2meter vessel Custom Design for use with  multibeam , Can easily be taken appart for transportation . Call 813 -230-0069 for more details. 

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